Winter blues…be gone!

As I tweeted earlier today, “If you want to see the happiness of an entire state increase exponentially, visit Minnesota today.” And wasn’t it the truth?!


What better way to greet flip-flop season than with a brightly colored pedicure?!

While most Minnesotans have learned how to adjust to and enjoy winter (after all, the state is buried under multiple inches of snow for half the year and often faces temperatures where it’s too cold to snow), there’s nothing that makes the citizens of my adopted state happier than 65+ degrees and sunshine. I spent both lunch and happy hour yesterday outside, where restaurant patios everywhere were packed with people just yearning to get some fresh air. Today was another 70-degree day, so I took advantage of things I haven’t been able to do since last fall:

  • Dug capri’s out of my summer clothes box
  • Got a pedicure (after all, it’s now flip-flop season)
  • Parked super far from Target so I could actually walk to the store
  • Went through the car wash (no more salt splatter – woot!)
  • Sat on my balcony
  • Went for a 45-minute walk to parts of my neighborhood I didn’t know existed

My attitude definitely appreciated the warm-up and Vitamin D – now here’s to hoping Mother Nature doesn’t get too crazy and renege on all of this wonderfulness!