DIY Coasters

Now, for anyone who knows me, it’s pretty clear that I’m not really crafty. While my mom can sew and quilt and my grandma was a very talented crochet-er, I was never really interested in any of that when I was younger. Now that I’m living by myself, however, with some free time on the weekends, I’ve decided that I need something to keep myself entertained. Although I won’t be making my own clothes or knitting an afghan any time soon, I figured there were some easier things that I could start with.

Baby steps.

So, the other day while surfing Pinterest (of which I am now mildly addicted), I found these cute easy-to-do coasters. With just a few materials, I could stop leaving Coke rings on my tables!

You will need scrapbook paper (or wallpaper leftovers or photos or anything else you’d like on your coaster!), 4×4 white bathroom tiles ($0.16 at Home Depot), spray adhesive, felt pads (like what you put on the bottom of table legs) and clear spray paint.

Step 1

Cut out pieces of scrapbook paper slightly smaller than the 4×4 tile. By making them a little smaller, you don’t have to worry about over-hang or the paper peeling off later.

Step 2

Spray the back of the paper square and adhere to the tile. Smooth out any bubbles and let dry for a few seconds.

Step 3

Spray a layer of clear spray paint over the top. This will help protect the paper from water/condensation from your drinks and help keep the paper from peeling. Let dry according to spray paint can directions.

Step 4

Stick felt pads on the bottom corners of your coaster.

I found these little plastic dot things at Home Depot and they worked just as well as the felt pads. They also lift the coaster a little off the surface of your table for extra scratch-proof-ness.

Step 5

You’re done! See, super easy!

The coasters I made!

Since I found scrapbook paper on sale at Joann Fabrics 4 for $1.00 and the tiles were only $0.16, I could have easily made a ton more of these. But, since I’m living single, I didn’t really have a reason to go beyond 6 (even at that, I’m thinking of taking one or two to work).

If you’re looking for a fun and easy weekend project, I’d encourage you to give this a shot. They’re great for yourself or as a gift. Have fun picking out scrapbook paper that fits your personality and dive right in!

Decorating my new apartment

Now that I’m all settled in my new apartment and have three weeks of work in the big city under my belt, I figure it’s about time that I start thinking of some ways to decorate my place. Currently, as you can tell from the photos, it’s a jumbled collection of stuff with nothing on the walls and a fairly bland color palette.

My living room full of stuff. Needs some serious decorating help, but at least I have a TV and a couch now!

My kitchen - I love the "hard wood" floors!

My bathroom - I'm all about bright colors in the morning 🙂

I’m looking for some ideas on decorating! I’ve gotten some great ones already from people over on Facebook, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m thinking of doing something with movies (since I’m a big fan) and possibly vintage movie posters. Any ideas for a paint color for a single wall (don’t want to go too crazy, but some color might be nice). What do you think I should do?