December Already?!?!?

Wow, can it really be December 1st already?! It seems like we just started the semester and now there is only a week and a half before final exams…phew! How time flies!

There has been lots going on in my little world. I just got back from a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation. We had my stepmom’s mom, sister and neice and her family over, in addition to our clan. The food was great and the Lions lost just to keep the holiday tradition alive! Saturday the girls in my family headed to Lakeside Mall to do some Christmas shopping and hang out. Thankfully I got started on my boyfriend’s gift and picked up something for Alex that she should love while on her National FFA Officer journey–I’m pretty excited about it!

Yesterday marked the start of the longest three week stretch ever–the one that leads up to Christmas break! My classes are keeping me busy, in addition to work–we have started a new research project–and NAMA, where we are trying to wrap up the first draft of this year’s marketing plan. I can’t wait until next semester when I only have 13 credits and hopefully everything will relax a bit!

Before that, though, I am superbexcited to be heading to Florida for the first week of January! My sister, myself, our boyfriends and my mom will be heading to Orlando to visit my grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousin and will hopefully get to go to Disney World! Granted I have been to the park 11 or so times already, but I haven’t been in two years and my withdrawals are setting in! It should definitely be a good time 🙂

In between all that, Im just trying to find an internship for the summer (let me know if you have any ideas!) and moving on day by day! Make sure to stay updated with all my random thoughts and happenings at Twitter (@sollmana) and on Facebook!

Over and out for now!