Prepping for work during winter weather

If you live in the upper Midwest this weekend (or are Facebook friends with anyone who does), you know that all we can seem to talk about is how cold and snowy it is. Here’s just a sampling of the rumblings I’ve heard:

  • In Michigan, they’re predicted to get upwards of 12 inches of snow or more over the course of 36 hours.
  • My uncle in Kentucky said they are predicting windchills of -35 for them.
  • A friend of mine in St. Louis is bundling up for temps in the low teens plus a bundle of snow. (She put together a great list on the things you can do to survive extreme cold.)
When the weather report starts mentioning "bitterly cold" and dangerously low windchill levels, you know it can't be good.

When the weather report starts mentioning “bitterly cold” and dangerously low windchill levels, you know it can’t be good.

For The Boy and I up in Minnesota, we’re looking at windchills of -40 to -50 (according to the weather channel, your skin will freeze in just 5-10 minutes at those temperatures – yikes!).

With temps that low on the horizon, people started getting ready last week. On Friday, pretty much the entire state cancelled school and our office made plans to order hot soup for everyone for lunch, just so we don’t have to go outside or force some poor Jimmy John’s delivery guy or gal to face the bitter cold.

For me, though, I’m planning to take advantage of my company’s flexible work policy and get my to-do’s tackled at home. The Boy is traveling for work and it makes me nervous to have my car sit outside all day at the train station in -50 weather – what if it won’t start and no one can come rescue me?!

To get prepared for a day out of the office, here’s a few things I made sure to do on Friday:

  1. Made sure my boss and coworkers knew I’d be out and that I’d be fully available by cell or email
  2. Double-checked that all my meetings had conference lines set up so I could call in remotely
  3. Packed up all my technology (computer, chargers, etc)
  4. Brought home any paperwork I’d need to get things accomplished.

I’m thankful that technology makes it easier to work anywhere, especially when the weather is bad. There’s no use putting yourself in danger (whether from getting stuck or getting frostbite) when you don’t have to.

No matter where you’re at this weekend/week, stay warm and stay safe!

Do you work from home regularly or are you working remotely instead of facing cold and snow? What else do you do to make sure you’re productive?


2 thoughts on “Prepping for work during winter weather

  1. katieonthebanksofsquawcreek says:

    We a few miles south of you (north central Iowa) and I’m staying put tomorrow, too. They haven’t cancelled school (yet) but we’re not sending our little guy. He’s in pre-k, so really, not a big deal. We’re all staying home where it’s nice and cozy. (Except for hubby. He’ll be out taking care of our turkeys.)

  2. Carilynn says:

    It is just now getting started here in Kentucky and the wind is being ridiculous. I walked out to get something from my car and was almost blown away. Hopefully it won’t be too iced over tomorrow morning, I really need to go into the office. Hope you stay warm.

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