Looking forward to the year ahead

2013 has definitely been an interesting year.

Personally, it’s been full of new experiences and exciting developments. The Boy and I started our first full year in a state 12 hours away from our families and friends. We bought a new house and are loving making the space all our own (which is interesting, considering neither of us has a decorating bone in our body). We also got engaged, taking the next step in our relationship and looking forward to a lifetime of facing challenges and successes as a team.

20131231-144630.jpgThe most exciting thing to happen in 2013 — we got engaged!

Professionally, I’ve been challenged more. 2013 was a year of going beyond my comfort zone and reaching to achieve at an entirely new level. It was the first time I felt my perfectionism challenging my confidence in myself, but also a year that confirmed the importance of working with great people who are there to help me become better in all aspects of life.

20131231-144841.jpgCoworkers like these are the reason I can keep going when work gets tough.

As I look forward to 2014, I’m optimistic. I think I’ve been given mountains to climb in 2013 that will make the going a little easier in the new year. Plus, I’m surrounded by wonderful friends and family who I know will continue to support me every step of the way. That’s a good feeling.

As we count down until the ball drop, I can only hope that your New Year is wonderful and that 2014 is all you wish it to be and more.


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