My summer reading list

I’m one of those crazy millenials who likes to read. Check out what I’m checking out this summer!

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Never just one thing

Standpoint Theory says you’re never just one thing. You’re never just a woman or a man. You’re never just a college student. You’re never just poor or rich. You’re never just a daughter or a brother or a friend. Every experience you have influences the choices you make and the person you are. — A summary of Standpoint Theory as told by my gender communications professor

I was reading a blog the other day (for the life of me, I can’t remember whose – if it was you, feel free to chastise my poor memory in the comments!) and the blogger asked, if you could sum up your purpose for using social media, how would you do it? This got me thinking a lot and I figured I’d try and take a stab at a halfway decent response.

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Make your resume shine!!

When I started my job search about a month and a half ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. So, like most people, the first thing I did was make sure my resume was in top notch shape. I had friends in the industry look it over and help me make it the best possible. Thankfully, all of their help led to many positive comments from those I was interviewing with. Since I had, what I would consider, a pretty good amount of success with my resume, I figured I could bestow some of my wise words of wisdom upon you 🙂 Enjoy!

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My mentor, my best friend – my dad

For anyone whose ever seen my dad and I together, it’s pretty easy to tell that we’re related. No, we don’t necessarily look alike (I can thank my mom for my stellar good looks 😛 ), but we have similar mannerisms, are interested in the same things and have rather mirrored personalities. I’m a daddy’s girl through and through and he’s rubbed off a little on me over the past 23 years, to say the least.

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AgChat conference perfect for college aggies

Since I recently graduated from Michigan State (Go Green!) and just took an awesome full-time position a couple of days ago, I’d like to think that I’ve done a pretty good job at preparing for “the real world” and that I can offer some halfway decent advice to college students and recent graduates. My big piece of advice today for those college aggies out there: apply for the AgChat Foundation Agvocacy 2.0 Social Media Training Conference!

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Starting a new job is so exciting!

Ever since I changed my life’s direction about a month and a half ago, I’ve been spending a ton of time applying for jobs that could kickstart my career. I wanted something that allowed me to use all of my skills and knowledge in agricultural communications in a position that had lots of variety. That led me to integrated marketing and public relations agencies who work primarily with agriculture and rural living clients (something that was very important to me).

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