Spartan summers

One of my favorite places to be is Michigan State University in the summer. This year is actually one of the first that I’m actually on-campus all summer (I’m continuing to work for ANR Communications while I continue the job search) and it’s just so pretty!

I love working in Ag Hall during the summer - campus is so pretty!

If you’ve ever been through a Michigan winter, you know that it lasts FOREVER. It gets cold and miserable in October (yes, snow can unfortunately appear that early) and stays cold and miserable through April. This means that classes are in session during the cruddiest parts of the year. Snow is everywhere, trees are dormant and you can’t barely see anything for the fact that you’ve got a scarf covering everything from your nose down and a hat covering everything from your eyebrows up. It’s just wonderful, I tell you <insert sarcasm>.

In the summer, though…now that’s a whole different story. The flowers are in bloom, the trees and grass are green, people are out and about with no need for bundling up, the sun is shining, the MSU Dairy Store is in full swing — it’s great! I’m so glad to soak it up and just wish more Spartans could enjoy it!

What’s your favorite place to be on a beautiful summer day?

4 thoughts on “Spartan summers

  1. You've Only Got One Life says:

    I love being at camps during the summer and hopefully I’ll be studying abroad this time next year.

  2. says:

    I agree, the MSU campus is beautiful, starting in May. We are so fortunate to live near the campus. You can usually find me enjoying a walk near the Red Cedar River, the Children’s Garden or any of the other great spots around campus in the early evening hours.

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