Calling all Ag Ed and Ag Comm students/alumni!

I’ve been at Michigan State University for almost four years.  As a dual Agriculture and Natural Resources Communication and Agriscience Education major, I have been immersed in one of the most tumultuous programs within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR).  About a year and a half before I came to MSU the ANRECS Department where Ag Comm and Ag Ed had previously been housed was merged with the Parks and Recreation and Environmental Studies and Applications majors to form the new CARRS–Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies–Department.  If you’re thinking, “Gosh, those majors don’t seem to go together!”–trust me, you are not the only one.  Since that merger, my two majors have continued to go through continuous changes. Neither of them exist anymore; instead they are two of four concentrations within the larger major of Environmental Studies and Agriscience.  Now, CANR is looking at facing another round of restructuring due to budgeting and it is looking like the CARRS Department could end up in who-knows-where land (there are even questions about whether Ag Ed will even remain housed in CANR).

Now, I’m not writing this blog to complain about the programs (believe me, I have done lots of that to no avail).  Instead, I would like to get feedback from students in these two majors who attend other universities.  Below I have posted a series of questions that interest me. Feel free to answer one of them, all of them, or just give your two cents on the subject.  I am just wondering if I am asking our department, college, and university to do things that are impossible.  Thank you all for your input and I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

  • Does your school offer majors in agricultural communications and agricultural education?
  • What are your majors titled?
  • Where are these majors housed?
  • How many faculty do you have that concentrate on these majors?
  • What are some of the courses you are required to take as a part of this major?
  • What has been your most memorable experience through your major?
  • Do you think your university adequately prepares you for jobs in ag ed or ag comm?

One thought on “Calling all Ag Ed and Ag Comm students/alumni!

  1. Meghan Cline says:

    – Yep.
    – Agricultural Education and Agricultural Communication (and we have Agricultural Leadership)
    – The three majors are housed under the Department of Agricultural Education, Communications, and Leadership (in that specific order).
    – Ag Comm has 4-5 faculty. Ag Ed has eight faculty. Ag Leadership had one who also is Ag Ed).
    – I’m in a Master’s of Ag program. Our course requirements can be found at: There are so many courses to list!
    – I have only been in the program for two semesters, but before I came to Oklahoma State, I did an internship in DC where I designed an annual report and a directory. It was a great portfolio builder and a great break/transition from undergrad to grad school.
    – Yes.

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